The Old Parish Church of Peebles
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The Entrance
The entrance screen was gifted to the Church in 1965 and is worked in oak, wrought iron, bronze and engraved glass. The glass of the doors depicts the four evangelists, Matthew and Mark to the left and Luke and John to the right. The door handles are in the form of shepherds’ crooks. The bronze work of the screen is a rich display of Christian symbolism. Those were the days when artist and craftsman aided the preacher and sustained the Faith by the use of their universal language. Thus a vocabulary of Christian symbolism was evolved and it is much of that that is present here.   A note explaining these symbols lies on the vestibule table which was probably a refectory table from the Cross Kirk Monastery and used by the Trinity Friars in the 16th century.
Door Handles Crook Doors
The Entrance Screen
The Crook Doors
Door Handles
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